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How Much Does A Laptop Battery Cost? Detailed Review Post 2022

Laptops are a great way to get around town or even travel abroad. They’re also very portable, allowing you to take them anywhere you go. Here’s about how much does a laptop battery cost!

If you’re looking to purchase a new laptop, you might want to consider buying a refurbished model instead of purchasing a brand-new one. This is because they tend to be cheaper and come with a warranty.

Does your computer shut down unexpectedly and the battery life is really short? Once this computer was an asset, now it’s a liability with no guarantee.

You’ve attempted all the fixes but nothing works. It’s time to replace the battery, but how much would the new battery cost? A laptop may cost between $30 and 200 dollars, depending on the brand and the year.

It depends on the kind of laptop, the number of cells, the quality of the laptop, and the manufacturer. Purchasing a new laptop costs more than buying an old one.

Although most laptops look similar, minor differences can affect performance. Over time, laptops‘ batteries become worn out because they’re used too often and need to be charged frequently.

Replacing them is less costly than buying a new one. You can always find cheaper alternatives than buying directly from the manufacturers. However, you’re not going to get a $50 replacement for a $1,200 laptop. Obviously.

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Laptop Battery Cost of Different Brands

A MacBook laptop battery costs between $100-$300. You can buy one for free if the computer is under warranty at an Apple Store near you.

A Dell Battery Cost

Dell is one of the most affordable laptops. According to the model, a Dell computer battery cost between $40 and $120. It has lithium-ion battery cells that last longer and are stronger than NiMH ones.

An HP Battery Cost

Another popular brand is HP. Its laptops don’t cost too much, but they’re not cheap either. You can get a new HP notebook for $50 to $100. It might be worth buying one if you need a replacement. They usually last two to four years.

A Lenovo Battery Cost

On average, the price of a laptop with a good warranty from Lenovo is between $40 and $80. For older models, the price is usually between $30 and $60. Lenovo has a large selection of laptops with a good warranty ranging from 7 to 9.

A Toshiba Battery Cost

A range of Toshibas laptops is available in the market and online. Usually, a new battery costs around $35 to 100 dollars. However, due to shortage, some sellers may inflate the price of older models.

So it is best to purchase from the official website. In case the model is no longer available, the market comparison can save you some cash.

An Acer Battery Cost

Another brand in the affordable laptop cat­egory is Acer. On average, a replacement Acer laptop charger costs $50 to $100. Acer chargers are durable and are easy t obtain from the local market as well.

A Razer Battery Cost

A Razer laptop battery typically costs between $75 and $200. However, because they’re often in the lower price range, they tend to be cheaper than most laptops. Additionally, professional battery replacements include labor costs as well.

An Asus Battery Cost

For newer laptops, the price range for an Asus laptop’s batteries varies between $30 and $125. Older models tend to be cheaper at around $20 to $60 per unit.

A Samsung Battery Cost

You can get a good laptop at an affordable price if you look hard enough. Samsung has some of the best visuals and longest-lasting batteries as perks.

An MSI Battery Cost

According to the official site, a new MSI battery typically costs between $75 and $130. MSI is among the top laptop manufacturers for gamers. Its powerful batteries perform well and justify their high prices.

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How Much Does A Laptop Battery Cost?


Laptop batteries vary in price from $30 to $200, depending on the laptop model, battery size, and battery technology (Li-ion vs. NiMH). Labor costs also affect the total cost.


Q 1. Is it OK to use a laptop while charging?

It is OK to use a laptop while charging occasionally or when you direly need it. However, it can reduce the overall battery life if used often. So, it should be avoided as much as you can.

Q 2. Is replacing a battery on a laptop worth it?

A. Yes, it’s definitely worth it to replace a laptop battery. You can save a ton of money by buying a used laptop instead of a brand-new one. And the old laptop works just fine with a new battery.

Q 3. How many years do laptop batteries last?

A. After some time, the laptop batteries become faulty, but they take up to two to four years to fail. If you want to increase your laptop’s longevity, don’t use it when plugged in and follow its maintenance schedule.