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How To Connect A PS4 Controller To A Chromebook? Problem Solving Guide 2022

Are you having trouble connecting your PS4 controller to your laptop? Have you ever tried to connect a PS4 controller to a laptop before? Here’s about how to connect a ps4 controller to a Chromebook!

Maybe you’ve even bought a USB adapter in the past, only to find out that it doesn’t work. Don’t worry about any of that anymore!

If you’re a PlayStation 4 user, you may eventually run into issues where the console won’t display anything at all. In such cases, knowing how to connect it with external monitors and devices becomes crucial.

It is possible to connect a PlayStation 4 to a Chromebook using an HDMI or charging cable through the Remote Play app. However, you must first pair the console controllers by connecting them via Bluetooth.

Here we’ll cover everything you need to know to connect your PS4 and Chromebook successfully. We’ll also walk through each part of the process in depth.

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Why Connect PS4 To Chromebook?

  • Using HDMI Cable
  • Using Charging Cable
  • Using Remote Play APK

There may be several different factors that could compel you to connect your PS4 to a Chromebook. Here are some of them:

  • You don’t have a monitor/LCD screen.
  • The PS4 Screen is not working.
  • You want to improve your gaming experience with better sound and screen quality.
  • You want to experiment with new display screens.

Connecting PS4 To Chromebook

You don’t need any technical knowledge or expertise to set up a wired or wireless network between your PS4 and your Chromebook. We’ve got a detailed tutorial for you to follow.

Let’s get started by looking at the two ways to connect a PlayStation 4 to a Chromebook.

Method 1: Using HDMI Cable

You need to follow a few steps to connect PS4 and Chromebook using an HDMI Cable.

Step 1: Get All Gadgets Ready

First, get all the hardware and services needed for connecting both the PS4 and the Chromebook. These include a PlayStation 4, a Chromebook, an Internet connection, and a dual-function HDMI cord.

Step 2: Connect HDMI Cable

Connect your PlayStation 4 and Chromebook with the dual-function HDMI cord. Make sure to connect the input side with the display for audio/visual channel access.

Step 3: Download Remote Play App

To download the Remote Play app for Chrome OS, go to Google Play Store and click “Install”. Once installed, open the app and sign in to an existing account or set up a new one.

Step 4: Connect Your Controller

If you want to play PlayStation 4 games on your Chromebook screen, first turn on the “Remote Play” feature by going into Settings > System > Connections > Remote Play.

Then, connect the controller to your Chromebook using Bluetooth. Finally, press the “Share button on the controller until the PS4 icon appears.

Make sure that both PlayStation and the TV are connected to the same Internet service provider (ISP).

Method 2: Using Charging Cable

You can also connect them together without using an HDMI connection.

Step 1: Connect Charging Cable

Connect the two devices using the Chromebook charger cable. Make sure that both PlayStation 4 and Chromebook are connected to a single network.

Step 2: Install the Remote Play App

To install the Remote Play app on a Chromebook, go to the Google Play store and download the app. Then, connect the controller to your computer via Bluetooth.

Step 3: Register Yourself Manually

You need a key. Go to “Settings” > “Apps” > “Remote Play” and add a new device. When your PS4 is found, enter the key and register yourself.

Step 4: Configure Resolution

From the Chrome OS desktop, go to Settings > Apps & Features and log into the Remote Play app. Then, adjust the display, audio, and video settings according to your preferences.

Step 5: Launch PS4 on Chromebook

When you configure settings, you will see a “Start” button. Click on it.

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How To Connect A PS4 Controller To A Chromebook?

Using Remote Play APK

You can use the file manager on Chrome OS to connect PS4 to your computer. To do this, go through these steps in a sequence.

Connect the two devices using an appropriate charging or HDMI cord.

Step 1: Download File Manager

First, you’re supposed to download the File Manager application for your Chromebook from the Google Play Store.

Step 2: Install Remote Play APK

Now, download the Chrome OS PS4 Remote Play APK file from Google Play Store and install it using the File Manager app. It might take a few minutes to complete the process, so be patient.

Step 3: Connect PS4 Controller

After that, open Chrome OS settings and pair the PlayStation 4 controller through the file manager.

Connecting the PlayStation 4 controller to the app using Bluetooth settings on a Chromebook.

What Is The PS4 Remote Play App?

The PS4 remote play is an excellent tool for console fans who want to enjoy their games anywhere they go. They can use the app to play their games on a secondary display without having to be physically connected to the console itself.

Furthermore, you can also control the PlayStation 4 from the connected devices, like calling people by using the microphone.

You can even write texts on the console after having connected a mouse. Overall, it is an excellent app for gamers.


Connect PS4 to Chromebook: In this guide, we have explored some of the most common reasons why people connect their PS4 to their Chromebooks and discussed easy-to‑use steps to set up the connectivity between them.

We’ve also discussed the two ways to connect the console to the laptop and added the Remote Play APK.

If any method in this guide worked for your Chromebook, then hopefully you can now enjoy your favorite games on the Chromebook display.


Q 1. Can a PS4 controller work on Chromebook?

A. There is currently no official method to use a PS4 Controller on a Chromebook. However, there are some workarounds. One is to use a Bluetooth dongle such as the Logitech G920 (which can also be used with Windows PCs) or the Logitech G27. Another is to use a USB Adapter to connect the controller to the computer.

Q 2. How do I connect my PS4 controller to my Chromebook?

A. There are several methods to connect your PlayStation 4 controller to your Chromebook. You can either connect them via a USB cable, or you can connect them through Bluetooth.

Q 3. What games can you play with a PS4 controller on Chromebook?

A. You can use a PlayStation 4 gamepad with a Chromebook if you’re willing to get creative. A popular game is Minecraft. You can also play games like Rocket League and Fortnitemares.