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How To Connect Anker Keyboard To Laptop? Expert’s Advanced Blog 2023

When we use our laptops for productivity, it can get kind of annoying when we have to switch back and forth between using the computer keyboard and having access to the full-size device’s screen or monitor.

Most people now carry their cell phones with them at all times so using your laptop as something you check every few hours is not a good way to manage time.

There are many types of connectivity modes available such as Qwerty, DVORAK, Colemak, and more! This article will focus on how to connect Anker keyboard to laptop.

You will also learn some helpful tips and tricks for using and maintaining your new connection. Luckily, technology has solved this problem by offering ways to connect your laptop to an external keyboard and display.

These connected keyboards typically transmit data via Bluetooth wireless technology which is very flexible and easy to set up.

Anker makes some of the best keyboards for computers, as well as some of the best speakers and flashlights. It’s not uncommon to see Anker products in cafes and small businesses around the world.

Anker accessories are some of the most popular items on Amazon, thanks to their great quality and reasonable prices. That’s why many people are wondering how to connect an Anker keyboard to a laptop.

In order to connect your keyboard to your laptop, you will need:

  1. Anker Bluetooth keyboard
  2. A computer that has Bluetooth capabilities
  3. A Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet
  4. A USB hub 5. An electrical cord with a mini-USB connector for a smartphone, tablet, or computer

There are a few different methods you can use to connect Anker Bluetooth keyboards to your computer. One method for connecting your Bluetooth keyboard is by using a USB hub.

Anker keyboards come with an included USB cable that allows you to plug into your laptop’s USB port. If your laptop doesn’t have a USB port, you may need to buy a USB hub.

This can be purchased on Amazon and other similar websites.

Make Sure The Anker Keyboard Is Plugged Into A Power Source

Even though your computer has internal batteries, it will quickly deplete them if you use too many features or applications at once.

When this happens, your battery will not fully recharge unless you turn off these apps which can be difficult as some users may have dedicated shortcuts or buttons that they rely on for work.

If you need to switch off an app, you can either pull out the charger or simply wait for it to stop running before switching to another app. However, what if there’s no sign of the app stopping and it just keeps draining away?

That’s when things get tricky. If you want to keep using your laptop, then you will need to find a way to prevent it from spending too much time looking for a charge.

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Open The Laptop’s Control Panel And Look For The Anker Keyboard

You will see two options under General Settings – one is Bluetooth and another is Anker. If you have both of these enabled, then you will want to pair your device automatically when connected to a computer or phone.

You can find this setting in the Control Panel app which features Bluetooth settings. Or you can go directly into the settings via Settings > System > Device management.

Steps to connect: When your device detects a new connection, it will ask if you would like to add it as a paired device.

Select The Correct USB Connection In The Control Panel

There are two main ways to connect your Anker keyboard to your laptop. You can use either a USB Type C or USB A cable to do it. However, not every model of Anker supports both types!

Make sure you know which one your computer already has before you purchase the other one. Some laptops only have a USB type A ports, for example, so make sure to check that out first.

If your computer does not have a port like this, then you should probably look into getting another brand of a mouse or wireless keyboard since these things usually have USB slots of some kind.

Restart Your Laptop

how to connect anker keyboard to laptop

After you connect both devices, it is important to restart your computer so that it can recognize the new keyboard. This way, your computer will know how to use the additional features of the Anko!

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Restarting your laptop is usually an easy process. All you have to do is close all programs and applications, and then start up your device (laptop or phone). When it comes back online, refresh the program to see if it works properly.

If it does not after trying this step, try switching USB ports or replacing the cable to ensure that it is working.

Confirm The Correct Keyboard Is Connected

If you are having trouble connecting your device, make sure that you have confirmed that your computer has an input for a USB-C cord or cable.

It may also be referred to as a Type C port. You can test this by using a USB 3.0 flash drive to see if it works. If you use Windows then there should be a show more settings option under Settings Devices (USB) Product Properties.

There will either say “Not Detected”, “Visible”, or “Connected”. If it says “Not Detected” then try plugging it in at night when electricity is lower, some laptops turn off their ports to save power.

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If it says “Visible” then connect the two devices together and check if the sound starts working.

Test The Keyboard

It’s important to test your new Anker keyboard before you leave the house!

Make sure it works with your laptop, of course, but also make sure it works well with yourself. Does it feel comfortable to type on? Is there enough space for hands to maneuver without interference?

You should be able to press all the keys easily (no struggling to get them to go down) and do so comfortably. Make sure your fingers reach all the needed buttons with no hidden pockets!

Look through the settings area as well to see if there are any features that can help you use the device more efficiently. For example, you may be able to turn off auto-correction or switch up the language used for typing.

Connect The Anker Battery Pack

The next step in connecting your new Anker keyboard is to connect its power source or rechargeable battery pack.

You will need to choose between two different battery packs for this depending on whether you have an old computer that does not have USB-C ports, or if your current laptop already has one built into it.

If your computer does not have any USB-C ports, then you can use a micro USB port to recharge the battery. This would be the same as using the Amazon smartphone charger since they are both manufactured by the same company (Anker).

However, if your computer already has at least one USB-C port, as most newer laptops do, then you can simply use the Anker PowerCore 12000 chip to charge up the internal battery.

It works similarly to how phone chargers work, so there’s no need to refer to the manufacturer’s website!

Once everything is connected and paired correctly, you will again need to go through Settings > Devices to find the newly installed Anker device.

Run Battery Tests On The Battery Pack

While it’s not essential, having a fully-charged battery is helpful for two reasons. First, it gives you more time with the keyboard before needing to recharge it.

Second, even if you have enough power left in your laptop’s internal batteries to use the computer without the attached keyboard, it will save energy by using the extra battery instead.

To test this, switch off the laptop (completely), connect the keyboard, and then turn it back on. If the device uses the additional battery when it’s turned back on, there may be a short while until it happens, but eventually, it will.

After testing this, I would recommend always keeping at least a half-full battery so that it can help protect the environment from excessive electricity usage.

General tips: Make sure the USB port you pick has good quality protection against moisture or dirt.


When you plug your Anker keyboard into the USB hub, you will need to open up your Bluetooth device manager or tap your BT icon in the notifications menu to pair your device with your computer.

Once your Anker keyboard is paired, you’ll be able to pair any other Bluetooth.