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How To Connect Nintendo Switch To Laptop Without Capture Card? Solved 2022

Nintendo Switch is a generation leap in portable handheld devices. It is one of the most successful handhelds to ever be released and is also Nintendo’s top seller. This device has also revitalized the dying portable gaming genre.

One of the main reasons for the popularity of the console was a large number of games available for it. A lot of big-name developers jumped ship from competing platforms to Nintendo Switch.

We’re going to show you how to connect Nintendo Switch to laptop without capture card and open up a whole new world of possibilities.

Switch redefines gaming for handheld devices. Despite being thin and compact, this console packs powerful processing capabilities.

Its ability to play high-quality games with excellent visuals and frame rates is clear from its ability to run. With such an amazing collection of games and the ability to play them anywhere, why would anyone want to use their computer for gaming when they could just use their Switch instead?

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Is it Possible to Connect Switch To A Laptop Without the Capture Card?

There is no way to connect a computer to a Nintendo Switch console without using a video-capturing device. If there were, then the signal would be captured by the computer and displayed on the screen.

However, since there isn’t any kind of connection between the two devices, the computer won’t be able to show anything on the screen.

Let’s examine the working of a video-capturing device by taking a closer peek at its various components. A video-capturing device consists of several components that work together to turn an analog signal into a digital one.

There are many different types of capture cards available in the market today, including some which are extremely expensive and others that are simple enough for beginners to use.

Some capture cards are capable of handling multiple signal sources at once, whereas others are not. To connect your computer to the Switch, we recommend using an ElGato Game Capture HD60S.

It’s one of the most popular capture cards for the Switch and is highly recommended by many people who use it.

Which Software Should I Use with my Capture Card?

We recommend using Streamlabs OBS for streaming because it has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to use and its settings menu is well organized.

This program is highly customizable and has lots of features for beginners as well as advanced users. It’s a great way to learn how to use Photoshop.

Accessories Required for Connecting Switch to a Laptop

Before we start using the switch, we’ll need some equipment. We won’t be able to use the switch if we don’t have the right equipment. Therefore these items are essential for getting the full benefit from the switch.

1. Capture Card

If it wasn’t obvious from the preceding paragraph, we want to remind you that a capture device is required for capturing footage from the Switch.

We recommend the Elgato Game Capture Pro+ HD60 for this purpose. It’s one of the most popular capture devices used by the Switch content creation scene and is considered by many to be the best.

However, the capture device itself isn’t the only thing you need; there are other accessories too that you’ll need to buy if you want to enjoy the full video editing capabilities. But don’t worry, these accessories aren’t expensive at all.

2. Nintendo Dock

Without a Nintendo docking station, a Switch is limited to being used as a portable console. However, with a Nintendo docking station, users can use their Switch as both a portable console and a TV remote control.

If you don’t already have a dock, now would be an excellent time to buy one. A dock will give you extra features of the Switch and is necessary for our method here.

3. HDMI Cable

For our project, we will use an HDMI cable because it is currently the most commonly used type of cable for capturing and displaying videos.

We recommend purchasing a high-quality HDMI cable so that you get a smooth and uninterrupted experience when recording and playing back videos.

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How To Connect Nintendo Switch To Laptop Without Capture Card?

How To Put The Setup Together?

We’ve listed out the steps for setting up your Switch console. To help you through them, we’ve used some jargon and simplified things as much as possible. Let’s start!

  • Connect the Nintendo Switch to the Dock by connecting the dock cable to the USB-c port on the Switch.
  • Make sure the dock the connected to the power outlet.
  • Plug the HDMI cable from the dock into the “HDMI in” port of the capture card in our case being Elgato HD 60s.
  • Power on the Nintendo Switch.
  • Plug a USB cable from the capture card into the laptop.
  • Wait for a few seconds and then open the stream labs OBS software.

With most video game consoles, the system will automatically detect when a new device has been connected and allow you to access its features.


The unique thing about this setup is that it makes your Nintendo Switch compatible with any computer (laptop or desktop) you choose.

So what are you wait­ing for, get yourself the right equipment and transform your Nintendo Switch into a versatile console?


Q 1. Do you always need a capture card to stream with Switch?

A. Yes, you can stream your Nintendo Switch games from your PC/Mac without a capture device. You can do this by using an Xbox One as a capture device or you use Streamlays OBS to start your streams.

Q 2. How do I connect my Nintendo Switch to my computer via USB?

A. If you want to play games on your Nintendo Switch using your computer, you’ll first have to plug your console into your computer via a USB-C cable. Then, you’ll use an adapter called a USB-C to DisplayPort Converter to convert the video signal from your console to one compatible with your monitor.