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How To Fix A Cracked Laptop Case? Detailed Guide 2022

Laptop screens are delicate pieces of equipment, especially those with high-resolution displays. In this article. we will show you how to fix a cracked laptop case step by step.

They’re also prone to damage from bumps and drops. When they crack, they become unusable until repaired. So keep reading to learn more about cracked laptop case.

How To Fix A Cracked Laptop Case?

There are many types of materials used for the cases of laptops, and the properties of each material are different. A case made from plastic and metal is easy to scratch.

This guide explains some methods to protect your computer when it breaks.

Step 1

Make sure the laptop is open or closed completely so that any damage is easy to access.

Step 2

Use a can of air-duster cleaner to clean out the cracks. Make sure you thoroughly clean the surface before applying the sealant. If you don’t, the repair may not last long.

Step 3

If there are small cracks between the pieces of plastic, hold them together as closely as possible, and then use regular superglue to fill the cracks. Wait until the glue has dried completely before separating the two pieces of plastic.

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Step 4

For large cracks, heat up a soldering gun and then carefully apply solder to the cracked area. Once the solder cools down, gently press the two halves of the cracked part together. You can also try heating up a pair of pliers and pressing them against the cracked area.

How To Clean The Surface Of The Laptop Cover?

1. Important areas: screen cover, screen border, back cover, and trackpad

2. Use a cleaning cloth to clean the laptop screen, most people use a cleaning cloth to remove dust from the laptop screen, but pay close attention to avoid scratching the metal surface.

Furthermore, it is usually possible to use an alcohol-based organic solvent for washing and to use as much tap water as possible or a non-corrosive liquid having a low viscosity and a high vapor pressure.

Most laptop bags these days are made of plastic and aluminum, which means they’re not compatible with an alkaline detergent.

3. Buying a sticker can protect the laptop’s surface and make the notebook look more personalized.

Because some industrial glues with a film surface are corrosive, they are not suitable for long-term attachment to the outer cover, especially the metal cover.

4. Furthermore, choosing a notebook bag that protects the casing from cracking is one of the best ways to keep the casing safe. It is recommended that you go for a case that is soft and feels softer than usual.

How To Fix Broken Laptop Case?

1. Fill the Crack with Standard Superglue. The plastic case of laptops is easily damaged by a small force. Therefore, fixing cracks in the plastic case and preventing them from spreading are important tasks.

2. Turn off the laptop completely. Do thorough cleaning work around the gap and the parts.

4. If there are small cracks, squeeze the two pieces together as tightly as possible and then use super glue to seal them shut.

5. Wait at least five minutes before letting go of the pieces and allow the glue to set up. Once the adhesive has dried, wait until it’s fully cured before using the computer again.

Scratches On Case Of Laptop

Scratches can be easily fixed by using stickers, which are both attractive and effective, and is among the lowest laptop repair costs.

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How To Fix A Cracked Laptop Case?

Replace The Laptop Back Cover

If the cover is damaged, it is recommended to buy a new one. You need to buy the bottom cover for the corresponding laptop online and replace it.

Here we use an IdeaPad 320-15ABR laptop to show how to perform a Lenovo laptop case repair.

1. Preparation

Adjust the laptop so that the bottom case is facing up and the drive is facing to the left.

2. Uninstalling The Screws On The Rear Fixed Optical Drive

Be careful to store the screws as they are easily lost. Pull the bezel away from the notebook and carefully remove the optical drive bracket.

  • Remove the 12 screws around the rear panel from the Ideapad 320-15ABR.
  • Use the laptop repair tool to open the back cover.
  • Pull the rear panel up and away from the laptop to remove it. At this point, you can replace the notebook case.
  • Many notebook cases are easier to replace because they are the outermost part and can be completed without disassembling the internal parts.

Buy A Case For Replacing Cracked Laptop

Find the model of your Lenovo laptop: There are many Lenovo IdeaPad models in the 510 series, such as 110-15Is, IdeaPad U510, Y510 Z510, 510S-14ISK, etc.

You can refer to this post to find the laptop model: How to Find the Exact Laptop Keyboard Model Number? You can search for Lenovo IdeaPad (your exact model) hardware maintenance manual and download it online.

Once you have it, you will find all part numbers included in the manual and use the part number to find the laptop part supplier and purchase it online. The hardware maintenance manual also describes the steps to replace laptop parts


For very large cracks, find a piece of matching color plastic, and melt it into the crack as filler material. The above method can help you when the laptop case has cracked.

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Q 1. How do you fix a cracked laptop case?

A. If there are small cracks between the pieces of plastic, press them together as closely as possible, then use super glue to seal the cracks. Wait until the glue has dried completely before separating the two pieces of plastic.

Q 2. Can a laptop casing be repaired?

A. To fix the cracked screen, you need to buy some epoxy putty from an art supply shop or a local electronics retailer. It costs around $4 to $5 per tube, so you can easily do this job on the road.

Q 3. How do you fix cracked plastic?

A. We prefer Loctite Super Glues because they’re specially formulated for use with plastic materials, including polypropylene and polyethylene. They come with an activater which you apply first and then wait for 60 seconds before applying the adhesive.