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How To Fix Broken Laptop Hinge? Step By Step Guide 2022

It happened on a Toshiba laptop when the hinges were badly damaged, so the case had cracked, and the part that the hinge sits was starting to lose. You can see that this is the condition before repairing it, the base and the bottom case are badly broken until the jack power comes back up. Let’s start fixing it. Here’s how to fix broken laptop hinge!

What Is Hinge In Laptop?

A hinge is an object that connects two parts together. In Laptop, there is a presence of Hinges through which your back portion, your screen, and your front portion are connected. If by chance your Laptop hinges were broken then there could be some issues occurring when using a Laptop.

It might still be working fine, but you may need to restart your computer if something goes wrong.

Why Are Laptop Hinges Broke?

The hinge of your laptop is made out of plastic, which is an inexpensive material. If you drop your laptop, it may crack or break the hinge. There is no warranty offered for the hinge, but you can fix it yourself at a low cost. You should also check your warranty before buying a new laptop.

Here We are going to discuss some of the ways through which your laptop hinge could get damaged and if you follow these tips then you can protect your laptop from the damage caused by the broken hinges.

Don’t Open Your Laptop Carelessly: If you don’t open your laptop properly and give too much force on it then it will cause some extra stress on its hinges and when it couldn’t handle the extra load then it was broken.

Keep Your Laptop Away From Dusty Places: If you keep your laptop away from dusty places then it won’t be affected by dust particles and it will also help to prevent any kind of corrosion.

Use an Anti-Static Bag: When you carry your laptop in a bag then it should be kept away from static electricity because it can affect your laptop badly.

Avoid Using a Hard Cover: If you use a hardcover on your laptop then it will increase the weight of your laptop and it will also add extra pressure on the hinges. So avoid using a hardcover.

Don’t put your laptop down carelessly: You should always keep your laptop upright when you’re not using it. If you need to put your laptop on a table or desk, place it carefully on top of an anti-slip pad first. Don’t rest your laptop on any hard surface like a table or desk.

Sometimes due to our work, our laptops get bent too much and therefore our laptop hinge gets pressed and in this manner, our laptop hinge can also break.

Screws fall: There are many tiny screws inside the laptop and if any one of them falls by chance then the hinge can break.

How Long Does a Laptop Hinge Last?

Well, I guess there isn’t a right answer when it comes to how long a laptop hinge lasts. It depends on many factors like what kind of laptop you’re using, how well you take care of it, etc. But I think it should last at least 5 years.

If I talk about estimates of what happens when you put your laptop in a bag, then I would say it might break after a few months. If you take care of it though, it could last for several years.

Different Types of Laptop Hinges and How it breaks?

A hinge is a joint connecting two parts of an object. A hinge allows the two parts to move relative to each other. For example, a door hinge connects the door to its frame, allowing the door to rotate freely around the frame. Hinges may also connect two objects together, such as the hinges on a suitcase, or the joints of a bicycle wheel.

Some hinges are designed to allow rotation while others allow translation. Hinges are commonly found in furniture, vehicles, and buildings. Your screen becomes dispatch from your mouse. And then your back portion of the mouse dispatch from your front portion, and your screen.


How To Fix A Broken Laptop Hinge?

There are many different ways to fix the hinges of laptops. Here we will explain them all and tell you how to fix them easily. Before starting any of the fixes, you should first check if the hinge is broken or not. If yes then you need to replace the hinge. You can also try to get the hinge fixed at an authorized service center.

Three Main Components:

1) A clamp

2) Araldite

3) Screwdrivers.

Step 1

First, you need to understand what parts of your laptop are broken. Then, you will need to figure out how to get them apart. You may watch videos online to help you. Once you have removed all the screws, you should be able to see the hard drive inside. Remove the hard drive from the laptop.

You should never ever try to remove the memory from a laptop yourself. If you do, you could damage the motherboard and render the laptop useless. Instead, you should contact an expert to get the job done.

Step 2

Remove the keyboard from your laptop. There should be a power cord attached to the back of the laptop. Remove that cord.

Step 3

Open the package of Araldite and inside there are two important things: the reason and the harder one.

Step 4

Take out the reason and put it on the table. Put the harder one on the other side of the table.

You need to take both things in a 50/50 ratio or in a 1:1 ratio. Then put some ingredients like a pencil to mix both of them properly and evenly. After mixing both the ingredients properly, apply them to the hinge area of your laptop. Apply it properly and as much as you can apply.

  • First, you need to remove the screen protector. You will see two small screws at the bottom of the screen. Remove them using an appropriate tool.
  • Next, you need to remove the battery cover. There should be four screws holding the battery cover together. Remove all those screws.
  • Now you need to remove the display assembly. To do this, you need to remove three screws. Once you remove those screws, you will be able to lift the display assembly out of the laptop.

If you put your laptop on its side, the hinge will break. If you leave it like that for 24 hours, the hinge will repair itself. Just wait until the next morning and your hinge should be fine.

How Do I Stop My Laptop’s Hinges From Breaking?

You can easily prevent your laptop hinge from breaking. Follow the steps below to keep your laptop safe. Make sure that your laptop is always opened in a proper manner. Don’t apply any pressure when opening your laptop.

When you bend your laptop too much, the hinges get damaged and it becomes unusable. Don’t put your laptop in any dangerous places like near fire or water. Also, keep it away from sharp objects.

Can Laptop Hinges be Repaired?

You can fix your own laptop hinge easily. You just need to follow some simple steps. First of all, you need to remove the screws from the back panel of the laptop. Then you need to unscrew the two metal plates that are attached to each other. After that, you need to put the two metal plates together again. Finally, you need to attach the two metal plates to the laptop. That’s all!

How to Fix Laptop Screen Hinge?

Sometimes the hinges of your laptop break and therefore it affects your screen and screen frame. To repair that problem you need to follow some of the important steps and here I explain them all.

  • First, you need to take out the hard drive from your laptop. You then need to open all the screws from the back of your laptop.
  • Next, you need to remove the battery from your computer and open your laptop screen. \
  • Then, you need to put fav quick and Araldite into the hinges of your laptop and into the laptop screen portions where it broke.
  • Leave it for 6 to 8 Hours: If you’re experiencing any problems with your laptop screen hinge, we recommend leaving it overnight. That way, the heat will dissipate and the problem will fix itself.

Laptop Hinges Repair Costs

There are many different ways to fix a broken laptop hinge. Some of them cost money while others are free. There are also various ways to fix a broken hinge depending on what kind of hinge it is. For example, if it is a plastic hinge, you may need to replace the whole thing. On the other hand, if it is a metal hinge, you could simply bend it back into place.

And if you take an approximate estimate about what will be the cost of laptop hinge repair then it will be anywhere between $20 to $40. The repairing costs may vary depending on different factors like the condition of the hinge, the type of damage, etc. One more important point to remember is that if your hinge is damaged within one year then you won’t be eligible for the warranty.

There were not any kind of hinge break warranty policies provided by the computer and laptop manufacturers.


Laptop Hinge Cover

Laptop hinges are an important part of any laptop. They allow us to connect our laptops together when they are not connected to other devices. When we need to connect two laptops together, we usually just place them next to each other. However, sometimes this isn’t enough to keep them stable. We also need to hold them together while we are working.

This article is all about the laptop hinge and here we mention how to fix a broken laptop hinge. Besides that here, we also cover some other important topics related to laptop hinges.

Final Tips

  • A laptop is an expensive piece of equipment, and therefore it requires special care and attention. It is important to protect it from all possible damages. A damaged hinge may cause serious problems like screen failure.
  • Therefore, it is best to get it repaired at once if there is any problem. You should not hesitate to call a professional because many people are available to offer their services free of charge. However, it is always better to go to a professional and ask him/her about the best solution for the problem.
  • Ask them if they are using the original parts. If not, ask them why they aren’t. If they say they’re using the original parts, ask them if they have a warranty.
  • If they say yes, ask them about the length of the warranty. Some warranties cover 90 days, others cover a full year. You should always check the warranty before hiring someone. Make sure they are using the right parts.


A laptop hinge is an essential component of a laptop. Without a good hinge, you can’t use your laptop properly. In this post, we have shown you how to fix broken laptop hinge. A loose hinge can cause damage to your laptop.

If you’re using your laptop for long periods of time, you should check the condition of your laptop hinge regularly. Replacing a laptop hinge by yourself will not affect the warranty of your manufacturer.


Q 1. Can the hinges on a laptop be repaired?

Ans: Yes, the hinges on a laptop can be replaced or fixed.

Q 2. What is the difference between plastic and metal hinges?

Ans: Plastic hinges are cheaper than metal ones. But, they don’t last as long as the metal ones do.

Q 3. Is it safe to replace the hinge with another hinge?

An: No! This will void the warranty on your laptop.