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How To Open HP 15 Laptop? Advanced Guide 2022

Machines are usually prone to some kind of mechanical or physical damage. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to buy a new computer every time the old one fails.

Well, you no longer need to worry about this. With our guide on how to open HP 15 laptop now available, we hope you enjoy reading it.

You can figure out the nature of the problem first and solve it yourself if possible. Here is one thing that will certainly come into your head. i.e How can you fix your laptop without opening it?

Also, we will be sharing some pre-opening preparatory tips along with some important precautions and cautionary measures. Finally, we will also share some great tricks, at the bottom, to ensure that this process goes smoothly for you.

Important Points Keep In Mind

  • Before beginning the process, always carry a Philips head screwdriver with you and a set of tweezers.
  • Make sure that the computer is turned off. Unplug the ethernet cable. Also, disconnect the phone line.
  • Make sure your desk is flat, clear, stable, and not carpeted.
  • It is strongly recommended to use a conductive fo­m pad and an anti-static wri­t­ing wrap when working on the com­put­er.
  • Don’t take off any parts until they’re installed.

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Step By Step Guide

  • Remove the battery. Secure the CD/DVD drives and remove them. Then remove the bottom screws from the case.
  • Find the total amount of screws that weren’t visible during assembly.
  • To separate the bottom part of the phone from the rest of the device, use a plastic opening tool.
  • After turning the laptop upside down, pull off the bottom plate.
  • Remove the three screws that hold the hard disk enclosure together. Disengage the power supply plug from the back panel.
  • Release the SATA data cables from the connectors. Lift the hard disk enclosure of the computer chassis.
  • To replace an old hard disk, first, remove the hard disk from its enclosure. Then move the SATA cable and the brackets to the new hard disk.
  • Remove all RAM modules from the motherboard for the installation of two memory modules.
  • Plug the USB LED status board into the computer. Unplug the cable connecting the motherboard and the AC adapter.
  • Remove the USB LED status board from the Arduino Uno.
  • Take out the screws from the optical disc drive by unscrewing them. Remove the motherboard and the power cable from the computer.
  • If you want to remove the optical drive from your computer, you can easily do so by unplugging it.
  • Remove the screw holding the cooling fans from the case.
  • From the WiFi, it disconnects the Ethernet or Wi-Fi network cable service.
  • From the display, the hinge takes out two screws keeping the cables far from the monitor.
  • Open up the DC power jack by removing the hinges.
  • To remove the entire battery cover from your HP laptop, take out the whole battery cover by removing screws.
  • Remove the card by removing the screws and removing the motherboard from the case.

Removing The LCD Screen

For the removal of the LCD screen follow these steps:

  • Installing the display bezel.
  • Remove the bezel entirely.
  • Remove four screws from the backside of the LCD panel.
  • From the back of your keyboard, place the screen facing down and turn it over.
  • Replacing the LCD’s Backlight

Closing your hp 15 Laptop

You can select from the left side of the “close” menu which option you want to use. When you click that button, different options become available.

  • Sleep
  • Do nothing
  • Hibernate
  • Shut down

Tips To Follow

  • Be very careful when removing the optical drive bay‘s surround­ing parts from the top cover.
  • Make sure there’s enough space for the display panel cable and antenna so they don’t get damaged.

CAN You Open A HP 15 Laptop?

Most HP 15 laptop owners ask the question, “Can you upgrade it?” The simple response to this question is yes; you can upgrade your HP 15 laptop with extra RAM or replace its battery.

If you want to keep using your HP 15 laptop for a long time, there are many things you can do to improve its performance and extend its life. We will explore these options here.

The Problem

Most laptops come with a manual that tells you how to take them apart. You should be able to take your laptop apart in less than a minute if you follow these instructions.

However, some laptops are so difficult to disassemble that they require professional help. When I opened my HP 15 laptop, I found that every screw was glued in place. I couldn’t get any of them loose without damaging the computer.

My first thought was “What an ugly piece of junk!” but then I remembered how much I’d spent on it and realized that I might be able to fix it instead of just tossing it out.

So after doing some online searches, I found several videos showing people taking apart their HP 15s only to discover that all of their screws were glued down.

I was having trouble getting my HP 15 notebook to start up again after installing Windows 10. After searching online, I found out that if you heat your screwdriver (which is what I used), you can often get them loose without causing any damage.

So, is there a simple way to open an HP15 notebook without breaking anything? The short answer is yes! Here’s how.


Laptops are not easy to work on. You should never attempt to fix one yourself unless you have prior knowledge of computers.

A good place to start would be to contact a local tech support service. These companies offer services such as remote technical assistance, phone support, and online chat sessions. Most of these services cost around $40 per hour.


To remove your computer monitor, you’ll need a screwdriver. Insert your finger into an opening near the bottom of the screen and pull upwards.

You should feel something give way. With your hand inside the case, push down on the back of the display and wiggle it out.


Yes, you can buy a used HP laptop. But why would you do so if it is brand new? You should go out and get yourself a broken-down one that needs to be recycled.

When buying a used HP Laptop, you have to be very careful because static electricity can cause damage to sensitive parts within.

This is easy if know what precautions and steps must be followed before starting any repair or disassembly processes.


You can theoretically perform a pry test on your HP 15 notebook by inserting a thin metal object (like a paper clip) into the seams of your notebook to break through the adhesive that holds it together.

Once you remove enough of these adhesive wedges, your notebook will fall apart. We don’t recommend trying to open your laptop like this because not only does it put unnecessary strain on your hardware, but it may also void your warranty.

Instead, contact an HP-authorized repair facility or visit an authorized dealer for professional assistance. You can also check out our video guide below for tips on how to safely open your laptop.

And Here Are 2 Reasons Why I Shouldn’t Open It?

Firstly, I don’t wish to risk my laptop keyboard If I open it incorrectly, I might damage it so badly that I won’t be able to use it anymore. 

Secondly, if someone was watching you try to unlock your HP 15 Laptop by pressing the power button and holding down the lock key for 10 seconds, then that could also damage your HP 15 Laptop.

Here’s how you can unlock your HP 15 Lappy:

1. Remove battery

2. Remove the hard drive

3. Remove RAM

4. Open up the case

5. You should see your motherboard

6. Take out any screws from underneath

7. Now you can easily remove your motherboard

8. and voila! You’ve opened up your laptop

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Here Are The 4 Reasons Why I Should Open This Laptop?

1. It looks brand new and unused

2. I can watch Netflix on it

3. You let me stay in your spare bedroom for a couple of days, so I can repay you for saving me some cash at a motel (and gain some extra floor space in my own room)

4. You no longer need it, because it’ll be sitting around collecting dust in your home/office.

Safety Precautions

  • Before you open your HP laptop, shut it down and wait until it’s cooled down before turning it back on.
  • If you use an HP laptop, you may want to protect it from ESD damage by making sure that your working space doesn’t have carpeting.
  • You can use an ESD wrist strap connected to a grounded object and use a static dissipating desk for reducing the chances of ESD injury.
  • You need to ensure that you open your computer safely and efficiently before thinking of doing so yourself. Always consult a qualified technician if there is any doubt.


This was all about how to open hp 15 laptop. In case you have any other questions feel free to leave us a message below. We would love to guide you further.


Q 1. How to remove the back of the hp 15 laptop? 

A. First, flip over your HP 15 laptop and use opening pliers to pry off the bottom part of the lid. Then, visualize the laptop’s edge and position the pliers at the back side of the hammerhead. Finally, pull the lid upward to remove it.

Q 2. Can I safely disassemble my laptop?

A. Yes, you can take apart your laptop without damaging anything. You should be careful when taking apart your laptop because there may be components inside that could get damaged if they’re not handled carefully.