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How To Pair Airpods To HP Laptop? Simple Short Blog Post-2022

Your HP laptop may not be compatible with Apple AirPods. Want to use your Apple AirPods with your HP laptop? Don’t worry – you’re in luck! We’ve got everything you need to get started right away.

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to pair AirPods to hp laptop! So let’s started. To pair an Apple iPhone or iPad with an HP device, the whole process is surprisingly simple.

We will walk you through each step necessary to get connected in each section below. However, if you’re using Windows 11 instead of Windows 10, the process is almost identical.

Do AirPods Connect To HP Laptops?

Although Apple products are most connective with each other and gain the most functionality within the Apple ecosystem, you don’t need a MacBook in order to pair your AirPods to a laptop.

If you’re using an Apple MacBook Pro, Macbook Air, or any other computer running macOS Mojave, you can use your AirPods without having to worry about whether your computer supports Bluetooth 4.2.

You don’t need to install anything special; simply pair them up via the Settings app.

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Put AirPods Inside The Charging Case

Put the AirPods back into their case, then shut the lid and leave them alone for a few hours so that they recharge completely.

Press The Setup Button

After charging them for a few minutes, open up the AirPod case and press the button on the back until the green LED lights up. On some AirPod cases, the LED is located on the interior side of the case, on others, it’s on the exterior side.

Open The Settings Menu

Click on the Windows icon in the bottom left of your desktop toolbar to open up the Start Menu. Then click on the Settings Menu with the cogwheel symbol to open it.

Open The Devices Menu

Once you have opened the Settings Menu, click on Devices.

Add Bluetooth or Other Devices

Now that we’ve opened the Devices window, let’s add some new Bluetooth devices. Click the button next to “Bluetooth” and then choose “Add Bluetooth or other devices”.

Click Bluetooth

In the Add, a device pop-up window, click on Bluetooth.

Select AirPods

Select AirPods from the list and pray to your deity of choice.

Your Device Is Ready To Go!

If you’re successful, a window should pop up saying “Your device is ready to use!” Click on “Done” and your AirPods will now connect to your HP computer. Now you can hear anything coming out of your computer through your AirPods!

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How To Pair Airpods To HP Laptop?


  • If the AirPods don’t appear as they’re supposed to in step 7 or if they just won’t connect in step 8, try the following.
  • Make sure your AirPods are completely charged up and that the setup button is lit.
  • If you’re having trouble connecting your AirPods to your HP computer, try moving them around and trying again.
  • Try connecting other Bluetooth devices to your laptop to see if they work. If not, then there might be an issue with the Bluetooth connection between the computer and the headset.
  • If you don’t get any joy from the above, then go straight to the relevant Apple help pages for more info.

How To Disconnect Airpods From Your HP Laptop?

To remove an AirPod from your HP computer, go to the Bluetooth & Other Devices window and select Remove Device next to where the AirPod is listed.

Final Word

Here we’ve provided a detailed walk-through on connecting Apple AirPods to an HP Laptops device. If you’re looking for more info on connecting any other type of headphones to laptops, then comment down below.


Q 1. How do I connect my AirPods to my HP laptop?

A. You need to turn on Bluetooth for both your AirPods and your HP laptop, and then use Windows settings to connect them together.

Q 2. Why can’t I connect my AirPods to my HP laptop?

A. Your AirPods aren’t connecting because your Bluetooth isn’t enabled or you have issues with your Bluetooth driver. Both your HP laptop and AirPods Bluetooth need to be turned on before they can pair with each other.

Q 3. How do I turn on my Bluetooth on my HP laptop?

A. If you want to enable Bluetooth on your HP laptop, press the window key + A to open up the charm bar, click on the Bluetooth icon, and see if the icon glows and looks brighter. If it doesn’t, then click on the Bluetooth icon again and check if it turns blue. If it does, then it’s already enabled.