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How To Play Call Of Duty On Chromebook? Problem Solving Guide 2022

So you just got your new Chromebook and are wondering if you can play Call of Duty on it? The answer is yes, but with a few caveats. In this post, we’ll show you how to get the game up and how to play call of duty on Chromebook.

Keep in mind that you’ll need an internet connection to play, as the game is not currently available offline. Additionally, you’ll need a Google Play account to purchase and download the game. Let’s get started!


1. Install the Google Play Store on your Chromebook by following the steps outlined here:

2. Open the Google Play Store and search for the Call of Duty mobile game (or click this link:

3. Install the game and open it on your Chromebook

4. Sign in to your Activision account or create one if you do not have one already

5. Choose a game mode and start playing! Happy gaming!

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What you need to play CoD on Chrome OSHow to get COD Mobile on your ChromebookUsing a controller with COD FPS Boosting


It won’t work for everyone, but let’s give it a shot. Let go!7/7/21 However, the download process remains the same. For COD Mobile, you’ll need to the game only works on certain Chromebooks.

In order to play this game, your Chromebook must have an ARM CPU and NOT an Intel CPU. Because most Chromebooks on the market are Intel-based, only a few players will be able to play on Chrome OS.

So that’s all. Until Activision/Tencent/Timi updates the integration, only ARM-based Chromebooks can play CoD.

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To Get COD Mobile, You Just Need To:

ARM-based Chromebook (you can check your CPU specs here).A newer Chromebook with Play Store access (made in 2017 or later, but you can still skip this even if you have an older device)PS4 DualShock 4 or Xbox One (Bluetooth required) controllersTV or computer monitor (option, but for a console-like experience).

That’s it. This is dependent on your computer’s specifications. But that’s pretty much all for CoD. Unless you have a monster machine, you can only reduce the graphics settings to the minimum.

How to Obtain COD Mobile Call of Duty Mobile on Chrome OS is as simple as Predator Missiles on AFK players (or bots).

Take These Steps:

Log in to Chrome. Open the Play Store (hit the Launcher button at the bottom left and search for Play Store). Enter “cod” or “cod mobile” in the store. (Click here)Where to get it?

It’s the only one with millions of downloads released by Activision, but look out for fakes (or that companion app). Click it to play! The Play Store may not be available on older Chromebooks.

Google is gradually integrating all compatible devices. But some will never get an update. Check the list of compatible devices to discover if your Chromebook is supported and the update status.

If it’s on the list, here’s how to obtain it now. Here’s how to find out what model you have.

When Was Your Chromebook Made?

Look at the bottom sticker for the year and month your Chromebook was made. Ensure you have a newer model to avoid any issues. Simple. The “manufacturing date” label should read something like “October 2017,” for example.

This is a fast test to see if your Chromebook can run Play Store apps. Play Store apps are still in beta and don’t always work. The app may freeze, lag, crash, or just not work on your device.

Some games are incompatible with Chromebook touchpads and keyboards. The service should improve with time. Newer versions (2017 and above) should come with the Play Store.

Using A Controller

COD Mobile supports the DualShock 4 and Xbox One controllers. This works for most folks who wish to play mobile games with a controller.

If you wish to use another controller, you’ll have to wait till they completely support it. Also, a gamepad mapper Enables Bluetooth on your Chromebook to attach your PlayStation 4 or Xbox controller: Then click your profile image.

On Bluetooth

Locate your controller and choose it. If it doesn’t show, make sure your controller is on and look for a device. It should now be connected to the Chromebook.

If the choice isn’t on your profile widget, try this:

Open Chrome and type “chrome:/settings” in the address bar. Find “Bluetooth” and activate it. CoD Mobile does not operate with a Chromebook’s keyboard and touchpad. You can’t even use a USB mouse for the game.

To change weapons, use your special operations skills, or simply glance around, you have to click on everything. That’s why you need a semi-supported controller.

Currently, the game does not support Google’s Stadia controller. Optimizing FPS and speed you can increase the number of frames per second by lowering your graphic settings.

The game should default to the lowest settings for each option. If not, decrease everything. Unlike a recent Android smartphone, your Chromebook will perform best with minimal graphics.

What To Change:

Lack of graphics fps = Frames Per Second (low or medium). Field Depth = OFFOff RagdollNo anti-aliasing off BloomLive shadows = OFF

There’s not much to do here, but these settings should offer you the optimum Chrome OS performance. If it’s too jerky to play, try increasing the frame rate to HIGH and see if that helps.

The frame rate option speeds up the game but makes it seem choppy. Low frame rates conserve battery life and keep Chromebooks cool.

If your machine can take it, gradually increase the graphical and performance settings. Some believe that older Chromebooks can run smoothly on higher settings!

Are you a gamer? Do you solely use your Chromebook for games?

See the finest cooling pads for your Chromebook. If you still can’t play after changing these settings, your Chromebook’s hardware may be defective.

Readers appear to be able to obtain great frames on higher-end Samsung Pro and Plus phones. But who will pay a premium to play games on a system not designed for them? Probably fans.

There aren’t many gaming Chromebooks, as you know. Other than that, they’re adequate for video conferencing, document editing and spreadsheet work at home, schoolwork, and online surfing.

Chromebook issues and faultsHere are the most common difficulties players experience when running the game. If you’re having troubleshooting issues, this may help.

Crashed And Frozen

This is probably the most prevalent issue with CoD Mobile on Chromebooks. The game will start, show the Activision/Tencent logo, then freeze or crash. Why? You have an Intel-based Chromebook.

Or your gadget is faulty. Now, only ARM-based devices can run it. So, if you’re using an Intel Chromebook, the game will crash and freeze immediately.

Your stuttering or game freezing may be related to performance issues, even if you are confident you have an ARM CPU. Aim for the lowest graphic settings possible to optimize FPS. Check your WiFi connection.

Updating Chrome OS is simple. If you’ve done all of this and still encounter slowness or freezing, your Chromebook’s hardware may be lacking.

That is, it is too feeble. Most entry-level devices include 4GB of RAM and a slow CPU. Sadly, this isn’t enough for more demanding games. But you’re playing a game that wasn’t designed for Chromebooks, using an emulator that uses the Play Store.

So what?

We can’t do much till Activision shows some love. Even if you get the game running, the FPS may be too low to play. Multi-accounting is a frequent issue.

When signing in to COD on your Chromebook, you may encounter an error saying you’ve already logged in. Restart the app on both devices. After that, you may sign in from your Chromebook.


They were banned for cheating after playing on their Chromebooks. I couldn’t locate a solution or proof. Maybe Activision’s servers saw you were using an emulator, a third-party controller, and another account (or the same one).

TV or external monitor playbackConnect your Chromebook’s external HDMI connector to your TV or computer display for some serious CoD action.

Use a TN panel for a 1 m response. This is how you emulate a console! Expect choppy gaming if you use the TV. It’s possible to get sniped with a Predator Missile while spraying and praying with your M4!

Other Google Chrome OS games other games like Call of Duty exist.

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how to play call of duty on chromebook

Do You Have COD On Your Chromebook?

Now you can play CoD Mobile on your Chromebook. Remember that the game wasn’t developed for Chrome OS, so don’t anticipate a seamless experience.

However, if you have an ARM-based processor, you can play games. Activision doesn’t yet support CoD on Chrome OS, so you’re stuck with a sub-optimal experience.

Primary and secondary weapons click.Cryo-nade clicking. And for the last kill click on the screen (snagging the kill cam).


Now that you know how to play Call of Duty on your Chromebook, it’s time to put your skills to the test. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or new to the game, we hope this guide has helped you get started playing CoD on your Chromebook.

If you have any questions or run into any problems while trying to play, be sure to leave a comment below and we’ll do our best to help out. And finally, good luck and have fun!


Q 1. Is Call of Duty on Chromebook?

A. The short answer is no, Call of Duty is not officially supported on Chromebooks. However, there are some workarounds that may allow you to play the game. One option is to use remote desktop software, such as Chrome Remote Desktop, to access a computer that does support the game and play it through the remote connection. Another option is to use Google’s “Project Stream” beta program, which allows users to stream and play certain games, including Call of Duty, directly from the Chrome browser.

Q 2. How can you play games on your Chromebook?

A. Many people think of Chromebooks as only capable of basic tasks like browsing the internet or checking emails. However, with the use of streaming services and alternative app stores, you can now play popular games like Call of Duty on your Chromebook.

Q 3. Can Chromebooks handle gaming?

A. The short answer is yes, as long as your Chromebook has access to the Google Play Store. One of the most popular first-person shooter games, Call of Duty, is available on the Play Store for Chromebook users. To start playing, simply search for the game in the Play Store and click “install.” Once the game has finished downloading, you can launch and play just as you would on any other device. Additionally, if you have a Chromebook with a touchscreen, you can use gestures to control your gameplay.