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How To Replace Laptop Graphics Card? Easiest Way 2022

Are you looking to replace your laptop or desktop computer graphics? If you’ve got a laptop, you probably don’t want to spend more than $200 on a new one. In this guide, we’ll show you step-by-step how to replace laptop graphics card. Graphics cards are built into laptops to provide extra processing power, allowing them to run games and other programs faster than they would otherwise.

They also often come with speakers, memory, and ports to connect additional devices such as mice and keyboards. You should always look for something that has a higher performance and better quality, such as NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050/1060, AMD Radeon RX 560/570, Intel Iris Pro 580, etc.

Why Can’t We Change Our Graphics Card?

Because they are trying to make it user-friendly, easy to use, simple to understand, and as simple as possible for the users, they tend to use all of the components of their circuit board as small as possible. For these reasons, in most cases, it is not possible to replace graphics cards from your laptop because they have no options.

That’s why most computer engineers prefer to buy a new one. But, if you think to buy a new laptop, that’s a huge and unnecessary investment, so you can change your graphic card. If you’re looking for ways to change your laptop graphics, here are some tips to help you out.

  1. If you have a laptop with an Intel Core i7 processor then you can use your CPU to run a virtual machine.
  2. You can also buy a GPU card that fits your laptop.
  3. You can also replace your laptop with a desktop PC.

Why Did I Say Open-heart Surgery?

  • Because they must operate on the circuit board, this is an excellent alternative for replacing a damaged GPU when individuals are attempting to revive their old laptop.

  • However, if someone wishes to replace the laptop GPU card on their new laptop, I always advise against doing so. External graphics cards can be housed in a USB Case.

  • Because changing graphics from the motherboard is quite dangerous for your device. When you try to replace them, you risk damaging other little circuits, which is bad for your laptop.

In most circumstances, when someone repairs a motherboard completely for greater performance. They receive a better result, but it’s not the same as getting a new one. If you have to lose warranty time on that laptop, there is an opportunity from the firm. That isn’t right.

Can I use an external graphics card for the Laptop?

  • Yes! If you don’t want to replace your laptop or don’t want to have open-heart surgery, USB GPU is the ideal alternative for you.
  • Let me teach you how to use a Thunderbolt 3 port interface to connect a personal computer external graphics card to your laptop.
  • Keep in mind that using External Graphics does not work the same way it does on your desktop. However, you might be able to boost the performance of your laptop at a low cost. Aside from purchasing a new laptop.
  • You’ll need a power source with an external power cord to run it, as well as a cooling fan to keep the graphics card temperatures in check; otherwise, it could be crushed due to overheating.
  • You can use some of this Desktop graphics card with a laptop GPU upgrade kit if you have a Thunderbolt 3-equipped laptop.

Laptops You Can Upgrade GPU Kits

A few laptop manufacturers offer the option of upgrading your graphics cards. One of them is “Eurocom.” At the bottom of your laptop is a CPU and GPU kit replacement system. As a result, when consumers replace their CPU and GPU on this device, they will see a significant performance boost.

  • Some laptops now provide this option for upgrading the graphics card. It’s not like a typically modern and straightforward laptop. It’s a gigantic laptop that’s difficult to operate.
  • It’s designed specifically for professional gamers, weighing roughly 7 pounds and coming in a wide range of sizes. Because most gamers strive to acquire powerful and large-capacity devices.
  • When you’re on the road, you can’t stand it. It must be used as a desktop computer with a charging backup. This type of device is made by “Clevo,” although most of you are unfamiliar with the brand.
  • Because the user does not have access to a well-known laptop brand. They do, however, provide excellent manufacturing services. That is why many branded companies use “Clevo” as a manufacturer.

Which Laptop Can You Upgrade Graphics Card?

Let’s take a look at a laptop with this solution: the “Dell Alienware Area 51m.”

However, it is prohibitively pricey for the majority of customers. Because it weighs more than 7 pounds, you’ll have to use it as a desktop most of the time. It is not useful for travelers or individuals who prefer to work at an office or café. It does, however, have certain programming constraints. That isn’t ideal for the majority of users.

If someone wishes to change his graphic card in a laptop that has a GPU, he will notice a slight improvement in the display. And as you upgrade your laptop’s CPU, the GPU performance improves.

How Can I Improve Laptop Performance Without Changing Graphic Card or GPU?

Okay, this is a straightforward situation. I’ve given you some pointers on how to improve the performance of your gaming laptop and play games more efficiently.

Your high-end gaming laptop isn’t performing as well as a PC in a similar price bracket. However, this does not preclude you from playing a newly improved game. Allow me to demonstrate how you may boost the performance of your laptop.

  • Clean your Laptop Every single day and make it dust-free because it’s the enemy of performance.
  • GPU Overclocking
  • Upgrade it after using a few days. You also can try new hardware to boost laptop speed.
  • Laptop power setting adjustment
  • Background Apps closing
  • Keep your Laptop Offline for better performance.
  • Optimize your Laptop Graphics from Tweak Texture Settings.
  • For Playing Game active Game mode.


Finally, you’ll notice how to replace laptop graphics card, in most circumstances, you won’t be able to upgrade your laptop’s graphics card or GPU. However, I’ve listed several alternate alternatives above the article. However, its performance is not particularly impressive; however, it is better than previously.

On the other hand, you might want to consider a laptop that can be upgraded. That’s a lot of money. So, my recommendation is to buy a new laptop because it is the best alternative for upgrading.


Q 1. What is GPU?

A. GPU stands for Graphics processing unit

Q 2. What is a CPU?

A. CPU stands for Chip Processor. Both are related to each other.

Q 3. Can I Change Laptop GPU Manually?

A. Yes, you can change it manually.