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How To Reuse Laptop Stickers? Must Read 2022

You just got a new laptop, and it’s so shiny and perfect! But then you realize that there are all these stickers on it advertising things you don’t even care about. 

It’s such a bummer when you get a new laptop and have to peel all of those stickers off. They’re usually impossible to remove without leaving residue behind, and they’re so ugly once they’re gone.

Here’s how to reuse laptop stickers in the easiest way possible.

What do You need?

  • Laptop
  • Stickers


1. Choose the laptop stickers you would like to reuse. If they are old, make sure they are still in good condition and will not damage your laptop.

2. Carefully peel the sticker off of the laptop. If it is difficult to remove, use a credit card or other thin, flat tool to carefully pry it up.

3. Once the sticker is removed, clean the surface of your laptop thoroughly to ensure that any residue left behind by the sticker is removed.

4. If necessary, replace any damaged areas of your laptop and allow them to dry completely before applying the new stickers.

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1. Find a hard, smooth surface to work on. A cutting board or countertop works well.

2. Gather your tools: a straightedge (ruler or utility knife), scissors, and tweezers can come in handy.

3. Lay the sticker face down on the surface.

4. Use the straightedge to carefully cut along the edges of the sticker. Avoid cutting into the adhesive layer on the back of the sticker, as this can cause it to lose its stickiness.

5. Peel away any excess parts of the sticker that are not needed. You may find that small pieces remain stuck to your surface even after removing most of the sticker–this is normal.

6. Use tweezers to remove any small pieces of the sticker that are still stuck to the surface. If necessary, dampen a corner of a paper towel and use it to lightly scrub away any adhesive residue.

7. Your sticker is now ready to be reused! Stick it on another hard, smooth surface and enjoy.

Safety Protections

Most importantly, make sure you protect your hands and eyes when working with stickers. Gather the following supplies:

  • Rubber gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • A dust mask (optional)
  • Removing the Sticker
  1. Start by heating up the sticker with a hairdryer set to high heat. This will loosen the adhesive and make it easier to remove.

2. Once the sticker is warm, use a plastic scraper or credit card to gently lift up one edge of the sticker. Try not to damage the surface underneath as you do this.

3. Once you have worked your way around the entire sticker, slowly peel it off of the laptop. It may come off in pieces, but try your best to avoid leaving any residue behind.

4. If there is any leftover residue on your laptop, you can use an adhesive remover or some rubbing alcohol to help get rid of it. Just be sure to test these solutions in a small area first, as they may cause damage if used incorrectly or in excess.

5. Once you are satisfied that all of the sticker residues have been removed, give your laptop a good cleaning with some mild soap and water. This will help remove any final traces of adhesive and leave your laptop looking good as new!

Now that you know how to remove a laptop sticker, you can start thinking about what to do with the old ones. Here are a few ideas:

  • Use them to decorate your planner or journal.
  • Create a collage out of them.
  • Give them away to friends or family members who might appreciate them.
  • Stick them on objects around your house to add a bit of personality (lamps, picture frames, etc.)
  • Save them for future projects or craft projects.
  • Toss them in your recycling bin and start looking for some new stickers to put on your laptop!


So, there you have it! Ways to reuse laptop stickers. We hope that you found this post helpful and that you will be able to put some of these ideas into practice.

Do you have any other ideas for how to reuse laptop stickers? Let us know in the comments below. And don’t forget to share this post with your friends and followers on social media!


Q 1. Can laptop stickers be removed and reused?

A. Laptop stickers can be removed, but they may lose their stickiness after a while and become difficult to reuse. If you want to remove and reuse your laptop stickers, we recommend doing a test first on an inconspicuous area to see if the sticker will hold up.

Q 2. Is there a way to reuse stickers?

A. Yes, there are a few different ways to reuse your laptop stickers. You can try using a hairdryer or damp cloth to remove the sticker and then reapply it to another surface. Alternatively, you can use adhesive remover or nail polish remover to soften up the adhesive on the sticker and make it easier to remove and re-apply. However, it is important to be careful when trying to reuse your laptop stickers, as the adhesive may not hold up over time and you could end up with a sticky mess on your hands.

Q 3. How do you make a sticker sticky again?

A. If your sticker has lost its stickiness, you can try using a hairdryer or damp cloth to remove the sticker and then reapply it to another surface. Alternatively, you can use adhesive remover or nail polish remover to soften up the adhesive on the sticker and make it easier to remove and re-apply.