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How To Transfer Photos From Samsung s6 To Laptop? Detailed Guide 2022

There are several ways to import photos from Samsung Galaxy S8/S7/S6/Note 5/Note 4 to a PC. You can directly connect your Samsung mobile phone to your PC via USB cable.

Or you can install third-party software like Wondershare Mobile Transfer(Windows) or iSkysoft Phone Transfer(Mac OS), then copy files from Samsung to PC.

In this article, we will discuss how to transfer photos from Samsung s6 to laptop step by step. If you have an Android smartphone, you can try out the Google Photos application.

There are also other apps available in the market, but we recommend using Wondershare Mobile Transfer because it is very simple to operate and offers great features.

Samsung Galaxy S6 has become one of the most popular smartphones in the world. The phone comes with a large screen and powerful hardware. This makes it perfect for taking pictures and watching movies.

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1. Connect your phone to the computer using a USB cable.

2. Open the folder where you want to save the files.

3. Click “File” and select “Import”.

4. Select “Photo Backup”, then click OK.

5. The pictures will be imported into the folder you selected in step 2.

How to Use Android Assistant for Image Transfer?

Step 1: Launch the activated version of Android Assistant.

Step 2: Use a USB cable to hook your Samsung up to the Mac.

Step 3: Go to the “My Devices” tab and select your phone.

Step 4: Use the “Photos” category to mark and export the files you need.

How to Transfer Pictures from Samsung to Mac Using MacDroid?

Step 1: Install MacDroid and launch it.

Step 2: Connect your Samsung phone using a USB cable.

Step 3: In the MacDroid window, select “MTP Mode” and press “Next”.

Step 4: Your phone should display a pop-up. Use it to select “File transfer”.

Step 5: Select your phone in MacDroid and click “Mount”.

Step 6: Your files, including images, can now be accessed in Finder.

How to Use Android File Transfer?

Step 1: Download and install it from

Step 2: Connect your Samsung phone with a USB cable.

Step 3: Open “Android File Transfer” and browse the memory.

Step 4: Copy the pictures you want to send to your Mac.

How to Use the SD Card for Android-Mac Image Transfer?

Step 1: Shut off your phone and take out the SD card.

Step 2: Plug the card into the USB adapter.

Step 3: Attach the adapter to a USB-to-Thunderbolt dongle.

Step 4: Plug this amalgamation into your macOS device.

Step 5: Use the Finder to locate and transfer the pictures.

How to Transfer Photos from Android to PC without USB?

Usually, a lot of people are accustomed to transferring photos from their Android devices to computers via USB cable. But it takes much time and effort.

  • Firstly, you need to find the USB cable everywhere.
  • Secondly, you need to connect it to both Android and a computer.
  • Besides, some unexpected circumstances may occur from time to time. For example, you cannot find the cable, or poor contact leads to failure of connection.
  • Therefore, you may wonder how to transfer photos from Android to a PC without a USB. In this case, AirMore is what you are looking for. The transferring process is quite simple as long as you follow the steps below.

How To Transfer Photos From Samsung s6 To Laptop?

Everyone with a phone these days must be having a number of photos and videos. Why not? As everyone likes to save a good time in form of photos and videos as memories are also a good thing everyone like to save them.

But for many reasons people like to keep their data on a computer like they need it for some purpose or they want to play their videos on their PC or laptop.

So now I will guide you on how to export your videos from Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge to your PC. There are many methods for this transfer but I will teach you the two easiest ones.

Just follow the guide given below to move your photos/videos from Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 edge to your computer.

Following are the steps you have to follow in order to export your photos and videos to your PC using this method.

Step 1. Connect your phone with and PC with the help of a data cable.

Step 2. Swipe to unlock the screen of your phone.

Step 3. Your device will be showing a connection notification.

Step 4. Your device will be showing a mode that is currently on, it should be Transfer Files(MTP) mode if the mode shown is the same leave it else taps on the notification and turns your phone to Transfer Files(MTP) do it as it is shown below.

Step 4. When you will click open to view files this will open your phone’s memory as you can see in the picture below you will see two icons DCIM and Movies or the name of folders might be changed depending upon what you have kept names of the folder in your phone select the folder you want to open either pictures or you want to move videos.

Step 5. Click the folder copy the images and paste them to the folder you want to move your photos to, the same will be done for videos.

Using the above-described method you can easily move your photos and videos to your PC.

Pictures are the things which are considered the most important data for a phone same goes for videos so if you want to move them from your phone to your PC and you are looking for software you need a reliable one well WonderShare TunesGo is one of the best.

I will suggest you use it. When choosing software always check that is it dependable and easy to use well WonderShare TunesGo is actually magic software that you need for many purposes.

To export your photos and videos from Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge just follow the easy steps described below and you will be able to ship your photos and videos to your PC.

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Android Manager

  • Backup your music, photos, videos, contacts, SMS, etc. to the computer and restore them easily
  • Manage, export&import your Contacts and SMS, deduplicate Contacts, reply SMS with computer
  • One-click Root – root your Android phones/tablets to take full control of your device
  • Phone to Phone Transfer – transfer music, photos, videos, contacts, and SMS between two mobiles ( both Android and iPhone are supported)
  • App Manager – Install, uninstall, import, or backup Apps in batch
  • Gif Maker – create Gif from photos, motion photos, videos
  • iTunes Manager – Sync iTunes Music to Android or transfer music from Android to iTunes
  • Fully compatible with 3000+ Android devices (Android 2.2 – Android 8.0) from Samsung, LG, HTC, Huawei, Motorola, Sony, etc.

Free Download

Step 1. Download and install wondershare to your computer. After successful installation run TunesGo, and it will show that no device is currently connected as shown in the following picture

Step 2. The first thing you need to do is to connect your device to the computer. Be sure the USB debugging option is activated on your phone and use a USB cable to connect the phone and computer.

As soon as the device is connected to the PC wondershare detects the device and will show you the device which you are using as can be seen in this picture.

Step 3. When TunesGo detects your phone now you are able to export photos from your computer to your android phone.

All you have to do is to click “Backup Photos to PC” on the main interface and select the photos you want to export from all your albums, then click “Export to PC” under the “Export” options.

Following the two methods explained above, you can easily transfer your pictures or videos from your Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge to your PC.

Moreover, you can also use WonderShare TunesGo for many other purposes. It is impeccable software and is an all-in-one software that allows you to use your phone with the help of your PC.

You can move your photos/videos go for backups and do a lot more with this multipurpose software. You can even do an SMS with this software using your PC.

You can run apps on you, can play videos on your phone also you can see photos from your phone. It’s very reliable software that cares for users’ ease.

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There are so many methods how to import photos from Samsung to PC, just choose one which you feel is easy and practical to transfer your photos from Samsung to PC. We not only offer the ways of photos transfer from phone to PC, but also you can get tips from this article about transferring pictures from PC to Samsung device.

When you have any problems with your app or your devices during the transfer, please write down the details of the problem that you met. The more detailed the example is, the faster the problem is solved. Thankfully, please leave your opinions in the comment part.